Microwave Workout

Magnetron generated waves produce an alternating magnetic field, and food molecules, especially polar molecules, such as water, proteins, and fats, align themselves with the rapid changes in the alternating electric field. They swing around an axis that is about 245 million times a second. These fluctuations cause significant friction between the molecules and, as a result, generate energy. As a result of this, the food is heated, while the food is cool. Ease of use and low baking time have led to the use of this product in homes and restaurants. Further explanations on how microwave work: microwave ovens like radio waves and radio waves are a kind of electromagnetic energy. These waves are in fact very short wavelengths of electromagnetic energy traveling at the speed of light. From these waves, radio, television programs Computer information and telephone signals are used. But this word has in our mind the concept of a cooking machine. Microwave transmissions have an effect on food molecules, and with each cycle, a pulsed wave of molecular molecules from Positive to negative. In the microwave oven, these polarization changes occur millions of times per second. Some food molecules, especially water molecules, have two positive and negative endpoints, just as they are a North and South Dipole Ribadara. Microwave beams bombard the cooking molecules and convert them to polar molecules that change poles every second with the same frequency of millions of times. All of these stimuli, causing friction, also cause serious damage, such as disrupting or disposing of surrounding cells, which are known as structural isomyric science. There are numerous references to the description of electromagnetic waves, one of which is radioactive radioactivity Or the distribution of energy with electromagnetic waves. Radioactive radioactivity on its physical expression is ((emitting electromagnetic waves from atoms or molecules of radioactive materials following the destruction of their nuclei.) This irradiation causes ionization, and ionization occurs when a neutral electron is received Slow or loses. Simply put, a microwave oven through the process of radiation, by electromagnetic radiation, destroys or modifies the nutrition molecules. If the manufacturers of this device were using their exact name (or radioactive oven) They were not even able to sell even one of them. But this is precisely what we call microwave. We are told that microwave cooking is different with radiotherapy or radiation therapy. No study has been approved by the US government and no harm has been done so far, but we know well that the credibility of studies and research can be limited and sometimes these studies are not deliberately performed, and we The consumer title should be used to judge to a degree from our senses.